Best Floating Shelves For Your Home

How to build the best Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are strong, quick to build, without any noticeable assistances and made from just 2 parts, materials, tools and Style Options.

These floating wall shelves are best for displaying your antiques, images, travel mementos or practically anything. Without the brackets and cumbersome hardware you’d find with store-bought racks or packages, they appear to be suspended in midair. These drifting shelves are strong, too.

floating shelves

While drifting shelves are not designed to hold your old set of Encyclopedia Britannicas, this floating shelf is certainly efficient in it. Nobody would believe that a floating shelf is made from plain, old light-weight and affordable hollow-core doors.

In this post, we’ll show you how to install these floating shelves (and much shorter ones) safely with basic tools. Even if you believe you have no DIY skills, think me, you can tackle this job.


How To Make Floating Shelves

Each drifting rack is made from half of an 18 in. hollow-core door, lag screws and cleat that hold the rack to the wall. You can buy new hollow-core interior doors at a home center or lumberyard (just be sure the door doesn’t have predrilled holes for locksets). You may find only 24 in. large doors, but the door can be any width; just try to lessen the waste. And you might be able to get doors free from garage sale or other sources.

As far as tools go, you can get by with simply a circular saw and edge guide to cut the door. Nevertheless, I advise that you utilize a table saw to cut the cleat since a tidy, straight cut is important for an attractive rack. You’ll also need:

  • A stud finder
  • A sculpt.
  • A hammer.
  • A wrench.
  • 1 in. brads.
  • 3-1/2 in. lag screws.
  • Carpenter’s glue.
  • A level.

You can purchase the door in wood veneers like oak or maple (ours was lauan). If you select a natural wood finish, you’ll require to cover the exposed edges with a matching wood trim. If you go this path, very first slash off 1/8 in. from the front and side edges with a table saw to eliminate the small bevel on each edge, then apply the matching trim. You can likewise cover the entire shelf with plastic laminate if you want a difficult, hard-surfaced rack.

You might wish to change the depth of your racks also. Don’t surpass 9 in. or you’ll begin to weaken the cantilever strength of the shelf. Feel free to make narrower or much shorter racks.

floating shelves

The entire task will go a lot smoother if you paint the floating racks before you install them. If you mean to paint the room, also do that before you install the racks since it’s a drag to cut around each shelf with a paint brush. Just make sure to sand your wood door with 150-grit sandpaper before you paint. If the surface is still rough and permeable after sanding, fill the pores by using a paste wood filler with a 3 in. drywall knife. Let it dry and sand the surface area again.

These inexpensive floating shelves are permanent– they’re tough to eliminate! The glue not just makes the shelves strong however likewise difficult to eliminate without destroying them. You’ll need to cut them in 2 in. far from the wall with a circular saw to expose the lag screws and after that get rid of the cleats with a wrench. That’s regrettable, however you can constantly make another set inexpensively and easily.

Although, you’ll wish to find out how to make inexpensive drifting shelves.

Have the required tools for this DIY floating racks task lined up prior to you start– you’ll save time and disappointment.

  1. Circular saw
  2. Glue
  3. Hammer
  4. Level
  5. Socket/ratchet set
  6. Straightedge
  7. Stud finder
  8. Table saw
  9. Measuring tape
  10. Wood sculpt
  11. 40-tooth carbide saw blade
  12. 1-in. brad nails
  13. 1/4-in. x 3-1/2- in. lag screws
  14. 18-in. large hollow core door
  15. 2 x 4 x 8 ft.
  16. Masking tape.

floating shelves

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